Is Antalya or Bodrum better ?

Is Antalya or Bodrum better ?

Those wishing to spend their holidays in a Turkish cosmopolitan seaside resort, are often challenged with a core dilemma; which is better, Antalya or Bodrum? It must be noted that both cities are among the most popular options and guarantee exceptional, memorable and sparkling holidays. However, each of them has its own characteristics, charm and its own unique atmosphere.

In what regards Antalya, it is a big city with 1 million inhabitants located in the South Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The city has a long history, luxurious resorts and spectacular beaches. Bodrum is a smaller city washed by the waters of Aegean Sea. Despite its size, the city maintains an impressive atmosphere which is ideal for holidays. If you are still wondering which is better here are some interesting information to help you decide which city satisfies your needs.

Key characteristics

-Antalya is known for having some really big and lavishing resorts, which are ready to satisfy even the most high ends needs of their visitors. These are great options for visitors of all types, including families with children as they offer all inclusive packages. The city of Bodrum features a great variety of smaller size, boutique style beach hotels.

– Visitors can experience a party atmosphere in both cities, as they are known for their nightlife. However, while Antalya is packed with the masses of tourists, Bodrum offers a more exclusive and elegant nightlife. It is not a coincidence that Bodrum is preferred by Turkish celebrities.

-Due to its size, Bodrum is an easy destination to explore. The city has great landscapes and incredible beaches within a short distance. Although Antalya has a great variety of spots worth exploring, getting around is not easy due to the distances between the various resorts.

-Antalya demonstrates exceptional architectural style with traditional elements allowing visitors to enjoy the city’s vibes. However, Bodrum illustrates a unique and distinct character that has nothing to do with the rest of coastal cities. White-washed houses with blue details create a truly charming atmosphere and allow visitors to enjoy the vibes of the Aegean Sea.

-Both of the cities have long history and a plethora of museums, places of interest and ancient monuments ideal for sightseeing. From shipwrecks to ruins of ancient cities and castles, Antalya and Bodrum have a lot of things to keep you occupied. However, Antalya seems to be a better option when it comes to families as it has many other activities such as waterparks, theme parks and amazing landscapes for nature-related excursions.

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