Is Icmeler Safe

Is Icmeler Safe?

Icmeler, near the larger, very popular tourist destination of Marmaris, is perfect for a family holiday as it is tranquil but there’s plenty to do. You can go walking or horse riding in the pine forests and kids always enjoy a day at the beach splashing about in the sea. There are lots of places to eat local and European cuisine with a beer or glass of wine and you can spend the evening dancing at a bar or nightclub. Hotels are comfortable and holidays in Turkey are usually cheaper than the rest of Europe. Sounds perfect? With all the news reports about terrorism and unrest in Syria, it’s normal to be wary about taking your family to this part of the world.

How safe is Icmeler?

According to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), the coastal resorts are safe and unaffected by terrorism. Around 2016 there were some terrorist attacks but these were in the cities and the FCO states that touristic areas “do not appear to be significantly affected”. The general advice is not to go within 10 km of the Syrian border. Since Icmeler is around 700 km from the Syrian border (further than the distance between John O’Groats and Land’s End), there’s no need to worry. British people considering travel to Turkey can get the latest information by logging onto There is tight security at airports as with any airport nowadays but you will find that security staff are always very polite and friendly in Turkey.

The failed coup of 2016 hit the headlines all around the world and made tourists very wary of coming to Turkey, but any FCO warnings have now been lifted.

What about crime?

Most people feel safe walking around Icmeler, even at night. However, you need to take care of your valuables and make sure the doors are properly locked at night and when your property is vacant. The beautiful coastline of southwest Turkey attracts many western tourists and burglaries are a problem in this region. The FCO states that if you’re renting a villa you need to be careful. Even if you keep your passports and valuables in a safe, there is still a high chance of them being stolen.

You just need to take the same precautions that you would anywhere when it comes to safety.

General advice about safety in Turkey

Don’t let young children swim in the sea or swimming pools unsupervised. There are usually warnings about any dangerous undercurrents. Don’t swim alone if there is no coastguard. Drinking tap water isn’t recommended but bottled water is cheap and readily available. Tap water is fine for cooking, washing and brushing teeth.

Millions of visitors from Europe and the rest of the world enjoy holidays in Turkey every year without problems. The chances are extremely high that you will have a trouble-free holiday, too.


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