Is Antalya worth visiting ?

Antalya is one of the many holiday destinations that travellers can choose from when visiting Turkey. This charming Mediterranean city combines an exceptional mild climate on a year-round basis with a scenic landscape like no other. The city is able to offer an upgraded holiday experience to every visitor as it demonstrates an interesting variety of beaches, sightseeing options, deep-rooted culture and a plethora of natural wonders. Thus, there are multiple options for all that cover a wide range of interests. It is not a coincidence thought that Antalya is the 2nd most visited city in Turkey. In this article, we present 5 reasons making Antalya a place worth visiting.

Spectacular beaches

As a typical Mediterranean city, Antalya is a proud host of beautiful beaches that allow visitors to enjoy the most of their holidays. From crowded to secluded, and from cosmopolitan to laid-back, there is never a doubt moment in Antalya’s beaches. Some of the most known swimming spots in the area include Konyaalti and Lara in the city centre, as well as the infamous Cleopatra’s beach.

Rich history

Antalya can also be characterised as a top destination for those who wish to explore and unfold the city’s and region’s history. Sightseeing opportunities include museums and many other landmarks worth visiting. Travellers may stroll around city centre to discover the city’s hidden gems or join one of the many interesting excursions towards, among others, the Temple of Apollo in Side which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage site list.

Culinary tradition

The broader region of Antalya is not only able to capture your attention but also, to enhance your senses. The region is known for perfectly combining ingredients and flavours in an exceptionally tasty culinary tradition. Embark in an amazing gastronomic journey and taste some of the region’s most known dishes in every corner of the town.

Experience the authentic village lifestyle

The broader region features some of the most spectacular spots of natural beauty. Exploring the infamous Taurus Mountains will be an interesting highlight for those wishing to experience adventure and cultural exploration. One of the best ways to do so is to enjoy a Jeep Safari during which participants visit small countryside villages and admire the beauty of nature.

Family friendly holidays

Antalya is an ideal holiday option for families with small kids. This is because, is offers an amazing variety of activities for entertainment as well as for learning. Families can enjoy their day at local waterparks or visit Antalya Aquarium. In addition, there are multiple daily boat trips and the infamous Land of Legends Theme Park.

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