What area is Lara Beach ?

What area is Lara beach ?

Lara beach is an impressive and fascinating location which is also known as the Turkish version of Las Vegas. The reason explaining this is the existence of multiple luxurious and extravagant hotel resorts which are, in a way, replicas of famous places around the world. Lara beach is located in the popular city of Antalya, in an area known as Kundu. An interesting highlight about Lara beach is that is listed among the longest sandy beaches in Turkey.

The ultimate holiday experience

Lara beach is situated in a beautiful and unique landscape east of Antalya and close to the lower Duden waterfall. In fact, it is a strip of land that stretches out to Antalya’s Gulf. The area has long been serving as a well-known representative of lavishing accommodation and cosmopolitan beaches which are perfectly paired with a splendid landscape. Lara beach is definitely what one should expect when visiting the infamous Turkish Riviera as it is able to accommodate the needs and meet the expectations of every single visitor.

The area is the ideal option for those who wish to experience ultra-relaxing vacations as hotels provide all inclusive packages allowing visitors to enjoy the most of their holidays. In addition, the beach is perfect for any sort of preference. Comfortable sunbeds, umbrellas and a variety of beach facilities and water sports are available for your own comfort and entertainment. The area around Lara beach is also a great spot for night outings. The vibrant nightlife includes a variety of bars, cocktail bars and night clubs that create a memorable and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Reaching Lara beach

For those staying in the city centre of Antalya it is possible to visit the infamous Lara beach as it can be reached in a relatively short distance. More precisely, visitors who wish to enjoy swimming there can use public transportation i.e. bus which takes approximately 30-45 minutes. Alternatively, taxis are also available if you wish a more private transfer service.

Things to do in Lara beach

Choosing Lara beach as the main accommodation resort during your holidays does not mean that there are not many things do to. In fact, during your stay in Lara beach you may enjoy a short trip to Antalya’s city centre and stroll around the maze-like old town in order to admire the beauty of the Ottoman mansions. In addition, you may embrace the romantic side of yourself by enjoying walks along the coastline during the sunset. Shopping is also an option in Lara beach as there are multiple shops and bazaars selling a variety of interesting things. During your holidays you may also relax during a Turkish bath session and revitalize your mind and body.

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