Is Marmaris in Europe or Asia

Is Marmaris in Europe or Asia ?

Turkey has been in the top 10 most popular holiday countries for many years now, and that’s not for nothing. Not many countries are as surprising and diverse as Turkey. Also, the sun shines in Turkey up to 300 days a year; the country has wonderful beaches, beautiful nature, rich culture, old cities, and friendly people.

Turkey is located both in Europe and in Asia. When you go on a holiday to Marmaris you will be in Asia. Turkey is a very different country from any other country in Europe, partly because of its location, religions, and traditions. It is important that you also take into account the laws, rules, and values of the Turks if you go on holiday or want to do business here.


The vast majority of Turkey’s geographical location is in Western Asia (97%) and a small part in Europe (3%). Asia and Europe meet in Istanbul. The country borders eight countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

Turkey is part of the Roman and Byzantine Empires

In the 2nd century, B.C. Anatolia was conquered by the Romans and became a province of the Roman Empire. Because the country was part of the Roman and later the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) empire, many inhabitants converted to Christianity. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Anatolia became part of the Byzantine Empire. In 1453 the Byzantine Empire was defeated by the Ottomans. Later the empire fell apart into smaller states and the Ottoman Empire was founded.

Distribution of the Ottoman Empire

During the First World War, the Ottoman Empire was on the side of the Germans, who lost this war. The Ottoman Empire lost a lot of territory during this war. After the First World War and the Turkish Liberation War under Atatürk, Turkey was born as we know it today.

Modern Turkey

Modern Turkey began with the foundation of the republic in 1923. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, a Constitution was written in 1923 and the first president of Turkey was appointed: Atatürk. Under his leadership, reforms were implemented. The religion was separated from the state, and women were given the right to vote, Islamic schools were closed and replaced by public schools, and the Arabic alphabet was replaced by the Latin alphabet.

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