What are the best tours in Marmaris

What are the best tours in Marmaris?

As one of the most popular destinations in Turkey for year-round holidays, Marmaris impresses every visitor with its unique character and charm. Located in the Mediterranean coast of the country, Marmaris is a popular option for people wishing to swim into beautiful bays and admire spectacular landscapes. In addition, in Marmaris visitors can experience from first-hand the authentic Turkish hospitality and explore the culture. In doing so, you can join one of the many excursions that are available and create long lasting memories during your holidays.

As there are many tours and activities that correspond to different interests and preferences, in this article we present to you some of the best tours to join if you seek adventure, adrenaline boosts, sightseeing and relaxation.

1. Cleopatra Island Boat Trip

Among the boat trips that you can find in Marmaris, this particular one promises to fascinate and impress you. This full day excursion takes you to swim at some of the most beautiful spots around Marmaris. It also gives you the opportunity to visit the Cleopatra’s Island which is a national park due to the uniqueness of the sand. According to the local myth, Mark Antony gave this island to Cleopatra as a present. However, in order to make her feel better he brought sand from Egypt. This boat trip is a truly exceptional experience not to be missed.

2. Swim with dolphins in Marmaris

During your holidays in Marmarisyou can join an ultra-memorable tour at the local Dolphin Park. The schedule of this tour includes an amazing show with dolphins and sea lions during which you can understand how cute and intelligent these sea creatures are. At the end of the show you will have one of the most thrilling experiences of your life. This particular tour gives you the opportunity to swim in the same pool with the dolphins. Feel a unique blend of emotions as you interact with them and create long lasting memories. It is important to mention that, this tour is children friendly.

3. Marmaris Quad Safari

If you are interested to join an alternative outdoor activity that combines adventure and fun, the Marmaris Quad Safari is one of the best available options. This tour gives you the opportunity to explore the beautiful and charming countryside of Marmaris while boosting your adrenaline levels at the same time. Quad Safari requires no prior experience and is ideal for people of all ages. Drive the quad bike through some dusty, wet and muddy paths and admire the natural setting as you pass through some river banks and forests.

4. Marmaris Turkish Night

This is one of the most preferable and common activities around the country. A Turkish Night is an interesting and ultra-entertaining evening show that takes place at a local restaurant. During the show, you can enjoy a tasty dinner full of typical recipes of the area and watch a spectacular show full of cultural aspects. Listen to traditional Turkish music, watch professional dancers offering a show with the most known dances around the country, and observe their colourful costumes. The Turkish Night show in Marmaris is not only another entertainment option. In fact, it forms an alternative cultural exploration with which you can immerse yourself into the basics of the Ottoman and Turkish culture.

5. Marmaris Dalyan by Boat

The Daylan tour is probably one of the most interesting boat trips if you are seeking to visit some natural wonders and unspoiled settings. According to the tour itinerary, this full day excursion takes you to the infamous Turtle Beach where you can swim into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and at the same time in the waters of Dalyan River. The boat trip includes also some sightseeing opportunities and visits at the nearby mud baths.

6. Marmaris Turkish Bath

The Turkish bath is probably one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating activities you can join in Marmaris. Within few hours, you get a hands-on experience on the Ottoman bathing rituals that survived through the ages. This spa-like activity includes a session in a hot room, a full body scrub, foam and an oil relaxing massage. It forms a great option if you are looking for a way to treat and spoil yourself while on holidays.

7. Marmaris Village Tour

Except from allowing you to explore the tranquil and picturesque countryside around Marmaris, this full day tour enables you to better understand the Turkish culture. The schedule of this tour includes visits at some of the most typical villages where you can observe the locals’ lifestyle and interact with them. Moreover, you will visit some traditional workshops and learn interesting insights about the production of these products. The Marmaris Village Tour takes you also to visit some spots of impeccable natural beauty and offer you the opportunity to get away from the city’s crowds.

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