Is Bodrum Turkey safe?

Is Bodrum Turkey safe?

Bodrum is a popular place along the Turkish coast where thousands of tourists come every year. In Bodrum you can enjoy a great and cheap last minute holiday without any problems. Bodrum is one of safest holiday destination in Turkey. In the last recent years, there hasn’t been any incidents in Bodrum, you can have safe and happy holiday in Bodrum / Turkey.

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Is it safe to travel to Bodrum?

The security of the Turkish seaside resorts is good. Tourism is very important for Turkey, so we make sure tourist feel safe when they are on holiday. Bodrum and any other well-known seaside resorts on the Turkish Riviera are certainly aware of the possible risks and have taken their precautions. Still, it is recommended to be careful at crowded places, but doesn’t that count for almost all touristic places in Europe at the moment?

Safety tips in Bodrum

– Keep an eye on the news.
– Avoid demonstrations.
– Only carry around as much money as you need for that day. Leave valuables that you’re not going to use in your hotel or place you stay.
– Be careful if you have to drive in traffic. Not everybody respects the traffic signs.

Which areas of Turkey are safe to visit?

The coastal resorts along the Mediterranean, such as Bodrum, Alanya, Antalya, and Fethiye, have been almost entirely unaffected by the situation in the east of Turkey. If you are in Turkey or planning a holiday there soon, read the local news and follow advice of local authorities.

How far is Bodrum from Syria?

The trouble in the east of Turkey is far away from the western coastline that’s popular with tourists. The distance between Bodrum and Syria is 1500 km, so there’s no need to worry. For now, continue planning your holiday in Bodrum and look forward to it. Most probably everything will go as planned and you will remain safe.

Unsafe areas in Turkey

There are several unsafe regions in Turkey where it is better not to travel. The region on the border with Syria is not a place to go to at the moment. In addition, the region on the border with Iraq is still not a safe travel destination. At the moment the travel advice in Turkey is to avoid all provinces that border Syria and Iraq.



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