What is the best time to visit Antalya?

What is the best time to visit Antalya?

Crystal clear waters and outstanding landscapes is what Antalya is known for. The city is listed as the second most popular tourist destination in Turkey and this is not a coincidence. Except from offering a flawless cosmopolitan atmosphere, Antalya is also able to offer truly exceptional and memorable holidays due to the variety of things to do. Boat trips, cultural explorations and sightseeing are among the must try options while there on vacations. However, in case you are wondering which time is the best to visit Antalya, this article will help you determine which season suits you the most based on your interests and preferences, as every season has its own charm.


As a Mediterranean seaside city, Antalya has a mild climate which allows visitors to enjoy holidays there during spring season. The temperatures range from 15°C to 21°C and are ideal for a lot of activities such as water sports, river rafting, diving and hiking. In addition, sightseeing is made easy as visitors avoid the high summer temperatures and enjoy walking around the city. During spring season there are a lot of tourists in Antalya due to the Easter holidays. Those who choose to visit Antalya during these months are able to enjoy a variety of cultural events and exhibitions, such as the Flower Festival.


The broader region of Antalya features some outstanding and beautiful beaches with turquoise waters and sandy terrain. This is definitely one of the elements that make Antalya one of the best summer destinations in Turkey. It has to be noted that summer months form the peak of tourist season. Thus, visitors should expect masses of tourism around the city. Temperatures are really high, making it ideal for those who wish to sunbath and enjoy the beach. Despite the crowds, Antalya during summer is a great place to spend your holidays. Multiple events and activities are taking place around the city allowing visitors to enjoy the most of their holidays.


For those who wish to experience the ultimate Turkish summer destination and at the same time avoid the crowds, autumn is the best season. Temperatures are similar to those of the summer months, providing grown for perfect vacations. Holiday makers are still able to enjoy the beach and proceed with some ultra-fun activities and excursion around the city. In addition, all tourist-related facilities are still open and ready to pumper your needs. Autumn is also great season for those who wish to attend some interesting events such as the film festival and the international music festival.


Winter months are quite cold in Antalya with heavy rain showers. As it is off-season, visitors who choose to Antalya during these months, find themselves with fewer options in relation to hotels and activities. However, the city has its own charm and chances of interact ting with the locals are much higher.

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