Is it safe in Antalya Turkey

Is it safe in Antalya Turkey?

Located in the spectacular Turkish Riviera, Antalya is one of those cities that can take your breath away. The ample cosmopolitan atmosphere enhances perfectly the intense cultural characteristics that the city has. This is one of the reasons explaining the increased popularity of the broader region in regards to tourists.

Choosing Antalya for summer holidays is ideal for those who wish to enjoy relaxing by the beach in a truly tranquil setting. In addition, it forms the ideal option for those who wish to proceed with some intense shopping in one of the many bazaars that Antalya has. In case sightseeing is your priority, Antalya will never let you down as it has multiple museums and places of interest to explore.

The city is also a great option for family holidays. Families travelling there with children are able to enjoy a lot of activities allowing laughter and excitement for all. From theme parks, boat trips, aquariums and nature exploration, Antalya is able to offer to its visitors long lasting memories and great experiences.
Is it safe?

Turkish Hospitality

As one of Turkey’s most known seaside resorts, Antalya is listed among the safest cities in the country. More precisely, Antalya demonstrates low percentages regarding crime which allows a safe and calm atmosphere. Solo travellers will also enjoy the sense of safety that the city has. In fact, there are multiple things to do in case you are a solo traveller and meeting new people is easy.

Turkish people are known for their hospitality, openness and for their welcoming attitude. Thus, this is an extra feature allowing safe holidays not only for solo travellers, but also for groups of friends or families. However, as in every other trip, holiday makers are strongly recommended to maintain the basic safety measures.

Here are some advices on how to safely enjoy your holidays:

– It is always an excellent ideal to join a group tour. Enjoying activities as a group and accompanied by a local and professional tour guide is surely an extra added safety element, especially if you are not familiar with the language. Group tours are also a good way to meet other people both, locals and visitors.

– Avoid having a lot of cash money with you. In Antalya, shops, restaurants and every sort of other tourist activities accept cards allowing you to enjoy your vacations worry-free.

– As in every other city in the world, visitors will find it interesting to try and act like the locals. During the first days of your holidays, try to observe how people behave and act. This will definitely allow you to adapt into the city’s norms easily and enjoy the maximum of your holidays. An interesting idea would be to try and learn some basic Turkish words!

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