What can you do in Cappadocia

What can you do in Cappadocia?

Turkey is known for all-inclusive resorts and coastal cities, but the must-see places like ancient cities, historical treasures and natural wonders are located in the Cappadocia region. This area gives you a fairytale feeling with rocks in the form of pointed hats, underground towns, cave churches, and hidden valleys. Cappadocia National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been declared one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. Read more if you would like to know what you can do in Cappadocia.

Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Fairy Chimneys

An experience not to be missed in this area is a balloon ride in Cappadocia. If you have never experienced a balloon flight before, then this is a truly unique experience itself. But even if this is not your first balloon flight, this view will stay in your memory forever. The fairy chimneys from the air, the changing landscape, the sunrise and the dozens of other balloons makes it all a magnificent experience.

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Underground city of Kaymakli

There are a total of 36 underground cities in Cappadocia. They were used as a tomb, food storage or shelter in times of danger. The cities were equipped with ingenious aeration channels. The most extensive underground city is Kaymakli. The labyrinth of tunnels and rooms goes no less than eight stories underground and is still party used by local residents as storage space. As a tourist, you can visit the top four floors, but you have to love small spaces. This underground city is not for people with claustrophobia.

Things to do in Cappadocia

Monks Valley

For a glimpse of the world-famous fairy chimneys, you will have to be in the Monk Valley. The first inhabitants of Cappadocia thought it was the chimneys of fairies that lived underground. The valley owes its name to St. Simeon, who lived in the valley. In one of the chimneys, there is now a chapel dedicated to this man. You can visit the chimney and climb to the top.

Castle of Uchisar

Not far from Goreme is the village of Uchisar, built around a gigantic carved out castle. It is a true landmark because the rock full of cave houses peaks tens of meters above the village and can be seen from far in the distance. The complex is a labyrinth of tunnels and was used by the villagers as a refuge for centuries when enemy armies attacked the surrounded area. A climb to the top leads you to a fantastic view over the surrounding rocky valleys and in the evening you will witness the most beautiful sunset.

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