What can you do for 7 days in Marmaris

What can you do for 7 days in Marmaris?

Planning a trip for 7 days in Marmaris may give you so much to worry about, as Excursion Mania Team we will be  very happy to help you out.

Marmaris is a pole of attraction for millions of visitors every year, both Turkish and foreigners. The size of the city makes it just perfect for pleasurable and enjoyable vacations, as it makes available everything a holidaymaker needs. Long history, impeccable and unspoiled landscapes, multiple bays, a flawless authentic character and lots of activities to do are some of the things that can enhance your experiences.

In an effort to explore every single aspect of the city and get the chance to unfold all the available features that has, a 7-day vacation seem to have the perfect duration. In this article we present to you some ideas of things you can do for 7 days in Marmaris. The list includes some of the most common recommendations, so feel free to adjust the schedule according to your individual preferences, needs and interests.

What to see in Marmaris – The Must-Do’s

What to see in Marmaris? A very good question!

Most of all, being unquestionably one of the most popular holiday resort Turkey, Marmaris has it all.

Furthermore, Marmaris is a holiday town unlike any other in the Turkey. Having so much to offer for a unforgettable holiday, we have made life easier for you hence we narrowed down things you might and should do while you’re in one week in Marmaris.

In Marmaris there are specific things you definitely MUST do. However, you might need to book some tickets ahead of time to skip the long lines or simply get the chance to get in. As Excursion Mania team we are here to help you.

The Must Do’s are:

  1. -Explore The Town
  2. -Spend a day to treat yourself
  3. -Join a boat trip
  4. -Go on a 2-day Excursion
  5. -Visit a Greek Island Rhodes
  6. -Learn scuba diving

Explore the city

One of the must things to do during your first days in Marmaris is to explore the city and feel its atmosphere. Marmaris has a charming and picturesque, yet vibrant city centre. In fact, this area is the city’s most vibrant point, where you can find both, locals and foreigners strolling around. In Marmaris there are a lot of interesting sites and monuments to visit and spend a day full of fun, excitement and sightseeing. Marmaris’ Castle, museums, the cosmopolitan yacht marina and the crowded sea front are some of the must visit spots of the city. Grab the opportunity to immerse yourself into the city’s vibes and enter into the real holiday’s mood.

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Spend a day to treat yourself

Your holidays in Marmaris are all about relaxation and pleasure. Thus, if you are choosing a 7-day vacation package, you should definitely spend a day to spoil and pumper yourself. There are two particularly popular ways to do this in Marmaris, but be aware that you can combine both for an ultra-relaxing experience.

Firstly, you can take a break from the sightseeing and the activities and enjoy a day at the beach. Marmaris has many beaches ideal for swimming that have an incredible laid-back atmosphere. Turn off your phone, enjoy some refreshing cocktails and enjoy sunbathing under the Mediterranean sun. Secondly, enjoy a Turkish bath and receive all the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of this spa-like experience. As the Turkish bath takes only few hours, you can spend the rest of your day at a secluded beach and release the pressure away from everything.

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Join a boat trip

Another great way to spend a day in Marmaris is to join a full day boat trip. During your time in Marmaris you can find an incredible variety of boat trips that take you to visit some secluded bays away from the crowds. Boat trips can combine also sightseeing or other interesting activities such as visits at mud baths. It is up to you to decide which one meets your expectations and interests. The available boat trips in Marmaris are designed in such way to offer you the maximum pleasure with the maximum comfort. Therefore, join a boat trip and allow yourself to feel a sweet tiredness by the end of the day.

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Go on a 2-day Excursion

Your holiday’s schedule can also include an exciting, yet informative 2-day sightseeing excursion. There are multiple excursions that give you the opportunity to visit other cities and some of the country’s most iconic sites. This option is ideal in case you want to explore other parts of the country but you have limited time. One of the most preferable options is the 2-day excursion towards Ephesus and Pamukkale. By joining this tour you can visit natural wonders, archaeological sites, admire the power of nature and make new memories with your loved ones.

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Visit a Greek Island

Among the most interesting things to do during your holidays is to visit a Greek island for a day. The close proximity between Marmaris and the island complex of Dodecanese makes this day trip possible. There are many Greek islands in a close distance from the Turkish shores, either small or big. The most known is the island of Rhodes and a day trip there can upgrade your holidays and give you the opportunity to escape from the ordinary activities in Marmaris.

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Learn scuba diving

Grab the opportunity to learn something new while on holidays and keep up with your active lifestyle. If you are an adrenaline seeker, in Marmaris you can learn how to scuba dive and unfold the secrets of the underwater world. The Mediterranean Sea is known for having a vast variety of fishes, reefs and sea caves. Therefore, learning how to dive will give you the opportunity to experience an ultra-exciting activity while feeling the serenity of the sea. Trainings are offered by professional padi instructors who are ready to immerse you into a whole new world of adventure.

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