What can we do in Antalya

What can we do in Antalya ?

As one of Turkey’s most known and preferred holiday destinations, Antalya is able to offer a vast variety of activities and things to do for all. The city, as well as the broader region hosts some truly spectacular landmarks for those who wish to proceed with sightseeing. In addition, there are multiple spots of exceptional natural beauty and beaches offering serenity and tranquillity for the nature lovers. Antalya is one of those cities that can keep you entertained and occupied while enjoying the most of your holidays. Below, you can find some of the things you can do in Antalya.

Experience Turkish bath

Turkish bath, or hammam as it is also known, is considered among the things one should try while in Antalya. Turkish bath is usually suggested at the beginning of holidays as it helps body and mind to relax and enter vacation mood. During you time there, there are specially designed Turkish bath experiences allowing you to feel revitalized and relaxed. The experience features sauna, steam bath, and foam and oil massage. Visiting a hammam is a unique opportunity to explore the Ottoman bathing tradition and understand its importance.

Visit Koprulu Canyon National Park

During your holidays in Antalya, you may visit the infamous Koprulu Canyon National Park and enjoy the serenity and the beauty of nature. The National Park is location approximately 90km away from Antalya and attracts thousands of visitors every year as it forms the longest of its kind in Turkey and is listed among the longest of the European continent. There are many adrenaline-boosting activities that you can do there, such as rafting, in order to create long lasting memories with your friends and family.

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Explore the Old Town

One of the most interesting things to do in Antalya is to explore the charming, yet maze-like, old city. Visitors are able to observe perfectly restored Ottoman mansions and admire their architectural features. Small shops, art galleries and restaurants are packed into the old city’s streets, creating an atmospheric and flawless backdrop. Old Town also hosts some interesting monuments such as the clock tower and mosques.

Relax at Lara Beach

Lara is one of the most popular beaches in Antalya due to its cosmopolitan atmosphere and its beautiful characteristics. The beach features soft, white sand and is long enough to comfortably accommodate all. There, visitors can enjoy sunbathing and proceed with some water sports in order to enhance their excitement.

Participate in a boat trip

As a Mediterranean city, the broader region of Antalya features some of the most incredible beaches one can see in this coast of Turkey. One of the must-try activities when in Antalya is to participate in a boat trip and get the chance to swim into crystal clear waters. Boat trips can be both fun and informative as some of them include visits in important places of interest. Moreover, they are ideal for people of all ages and ensure an incredible day full of laughter, relaxation and excitement.

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