is turkey cheaper than the uk

Is Turkey cheaper than the UK

For a holidaymaker coming from the UK, Turkey is much cheaper than home. This applies to everything from hotels to cafes and restaurants and even clothes, shoes and souvenirs. Combined with the current rate of exchange, your pounds will go a long way!


You can stay at a very modern, comfortable hotel right in the heart of Istanbul for around 400 Lira, or £45, per night including a breakfast buffet and possibly a spa or swimming pool whereas a 3-star hotel in central London would cost more than twice this amount. A bit further from the centre there are comfortable en suite rooms from 100 Lira (£11) per night. Luxury 5-star hotels are between 500-800 Lira or around £60-£90 per night. Hotels in Marmaris start at below £10 per night and self-catering ‘Apart Hotel’s with swimming pools are around £20 per night. There are beautiful hotels carved into the rock formations of Cappadocia with stunning views and inclusive breakfast from just £20 per night. These prices are comparable to hotels at tourist destinations in the

Eating Out

An average restaurant in Turkey is about five times cheaper than in the UK. A meal includes appetizers, bread and sauces and only costs around £3.50 for the main course and a salad. The equivalent in London would cost around £15. A three-course dinner for two at a mid-range restauraunt would be around £14 compared to £60 in London. A meal at a fast food restauraunt is half the UK price.


It costs about £5 for a beer in London compared to just over £2 in Istanbul and about £2.30 for an imported beer. In Istanbul you can get a cappucino for half the price and a coke for just a third of the price while a small bottle of water is just 17 pence compared to £1.20 in London.

Travel in Turkey

Travelling around Istanbul by public transport is far cheaper than London – a one-way ticket is 40 pence whereas in London it costs £2.80. Taxis in Turkey are among the cheapest in the world at under £2 compared to £8.90 for a 3-mile journey. Excursion Mania tours include free transport to and from your hotel.


You can get a nice pair of Levis 501 or equivalent for less than half the UK price and a pair of Nikes 40% cheaper. You can save even more on a smart pair of leather shoes at around £40 compared to nearly £90 in England. Clothes at chain stores like H&M are about 50% cheaper, too. Locally manufactured clothes are equally good in quality and cheaper than the chain stores.


If you don’t mind haggling, there are bargains to be had at the touristic bazaars and shops. There are beautiful handcrafted items such as ceramic and copper plates, scarves, jewellery, sweets and all kinds of spices.


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