Do I need travel insurance for Turkey

Do I need travel insurance for Turkey?

Travel insurance is the key for every successful holiday! Although travel insurance is not mandatory in Turkey, it is essential if you are unexpectedly hospitalized. The expenses can rise up very quickly. If you are a sporty type of person and need to be saved from a mountainside by helicopter, or you need an emergency appendix surgery, then travel insurance covers your costs. Keep in mind that a standard health insurance policy usually does not cover all costs of illness or an accident. Therefore, check the coverage area in your policy.

Healthcare in Turkey

Healthcare is well organized in the major hospitals in Turkey. Always contact the emergency center of your health care provider when you need care. They have information about the best healthcare institutions. You may have to pay the hospital bill yourself in advance. Then you can request the amount back from your health or travel insurance. Always ask for an official bill, which you will need for the declaration.

Does my travel insurance for Europe cover my holiday in Turkey?

Although most part of Turkey is in Asia and a small part in Europe, it is still covered by Europe coverage for travel insurances. In addition to all European countries, all non-European countries bordering the Mediterranean also fall under Europe and covered by your travel insurance. The Asian part of Turkey is also included.

What does travel insurance cover?

With a number of insurance policies, you can choose what you want to have covered. Most plans cover overseas hospitalization and doctor treatment. Upgraded plans include a variety of other incidents like, lost deposits, cancellation, lost or delayed luggage, accidental death, loss of income and so on. It is worthwhile checking each policy to find out what coverage you need for your holiday.

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