How many people live in Icmeler

How Many People Live in Icmeler?

Just 8 km away from Marmaris, Icmeler is a vibrant tourist destination in high season where people enjoy all the different water sports, mountain walking, pony trekking, sightseeing, dining at restaurants and relaxing in the evening with a glass of wine. There is a good choice of quality hotels at various prices according to your budget. If you’re put off by the thought of crowded beaches and noisy pubs, let me reassure you that Icmeler has a reputation for being quieter than most holiday resorts.

A Quiet Region Of Turkey

According to, the total population of İçmeler in 2019 was 6,378 with 3,395 being male and 2,983 female. The population has been steadily increasing since 2013, when it stood at 5,335. It reached 5,863 in 2016 and by 2018 had risen to 6,247. In 2018 about a quarter of the population was in the young category, with around 18% classified as elderly and the remaining majority of people were between the two age groups. The male/female ratio was quite evenly balanced with slightly more men than women living in Icmeler.

According to TUIK, the Turkish Statistical Institute, İçmeler is in the province of Muğla, which has a population density of 64-117 people per square km, making it one of the second least densely populated areas in Turkey, comparable to other regions near the west coast and less populated areas of the southeast. The most densely populated area of Turkey is Istanbul with 528-2899 people per square km, followed by the capital, Ankara, at 225-527 people per square km.

Popular With British Tourists

İçmeler Bay is just opposite the port of Marmaris, which is buzzing with tourists around the summer season, from May to September. By about mid-May most of the restaurants, water parks etc. in İçmeler are open and day trips are running. According to local news reports there are more English tourists than any other nationality and Marmaris has even been dubbed the new Mallorca. Around two thousand foreigners have bought properties and settled in the region. In 2019, 900 thousand of the two million tourists coming to Turkey from England spent their holiday in the Marmaris area, far exceeding the number of Turkish tourists and even the large proportion of Russians and Ukranians. The Marmaris region is also popular with European countries such as Poland, the Netherlands and Germany.

If you’re looking for somewhere not too crowded near to a livelier resort, then Icmeler is the place for you.


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