Do I need travel insurance for Turkey?

Do you need vaccinations for Turkey?

Although vaccinations are not mandatory when you travel to Turkey, it is important to know which vaccination is recommended. Without vaccination you are not protected against these infectious diseases which can have serious consequences for your health. Not only during your journey, but also for a very long time afterwards!

DTP vaccination

The DTP vaccination provides protection that lasts ten years. The vaccinations can be given last-minute, but it is better to get them one or two weeks before your trip.

Vaccination against hepatitis A

A vaccination against hepatitis A provides protection for one to three years. If the vaccination is repeated, it provides protection for 30 to 40 years. The vaccinations can also be given last-minute, but it is better to get them at least two weeks before you travel to Turkey.

Hepatitis B vaccinations

You need three vaccinations for protection against hepatitis B. The protection is lifelong. It is best to start the vaccinations at least 7 months before you go on a holiday to Turkey.

Vaccinations against rabies

Rabies vaccination consists of two vaccinations with an interval of one week. It is best to start three or four weeks before your trip to Turkey.



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