What is Cappadocia famous for

What is Cappadocia famous for?

Cappadocia is a place that you must have seen once in your life. Cappadocia is famous for its rock formations and hot air ballooning. This fairytale looking scenery was created naturally and consists of fairy chimneys, tuff cones, and underground cities. Cappadocia is a real natural wonder and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cappadocia is a great holiday destination in summer and winter. Cappadocia is famous for several things:
Fairy tale landscape above the ground

Cappadocia is located in the middle of Turkey. The fairytale landscape is mainly famous for its “fairy chimneys.” These bizarre rock pillars were created because the rainwater washed away the soft stone at the bottom faster than the hard stone at the top. According to many legends in this area, fairies live in the rocks.

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Underground cities

Cave houses, cave churches, tombs and storage space all hidden in a city underground. Cappadocia has a total of 36 underground cities, which were used as hiding places for attacks for rival groups. Kaymakli underground city is the largest and most famous. It contains a maze of tunnels over several floors, with air ducts for oxygen. You can visit the first four floors if you dare!

Stay overnight in a cave house

For centuries, people in Cappadocia have not lived in houses, but in caves. These houses protected the residents from hot summers and cold winters because the rocks are relatively soft. Nowadays you can spend the night in a cave hotel in Cappadocia. Whether you prefer to stay in a cheap and simple or luxurious cave hotel, it is a remarkable experience.

Cappadocia & Her Hot Air Balloons

There is no better place on earth for a balloon ride than Cappadocia. Imagine you take off just before sunrise and float over a fairytale landscape in silence. From the air, you can see best how extraordinary this landscape is.

Tours in Cappadocia

Because the area is so large and the public transport is not aimed at bringing tourists to beautiful places, it is not a bad idea to book one of the many tours on offer. This way you can get to the more remote places if you don’t have your own transportation. The most famous places to see in Cappadocia are: Goreme Open Air Museum, Monks Valley, Devrent Valley, Kaymakli and Derinkuyu underground cities, Pasabag and Uchisar.

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