What is Alanya known for?

What is Alanya known for?

The charming, yet cosmopolitan atmosphere is perfectly combined with an exquisite natural setting in Alanya. This small town is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean and forms one of the most interesting summer resorts of the Turkish Riviera. Of course it is not a coincidence that every year, thousands of people spend their holidays in Alanya. In fact, the city combines everything you might need for pleasurable, joyful, and unforgettable vacations. Wondering what is Alanya known for? You are in luck! In this article you can find some more information about the reasons making Alanya a popular vacation destination.

The Mediterranean coast

As a Mediterranean town, Alanya’s climate is just perfect for year-round vacations. Hot summers and mild winters, make this town an ideal option for all, irrespective of the season. If you are planning to visit the town during the summer months, then we are happy to inform you that Alanya has some great beaches! Along the coast visitors can discover many secluded and beautiful bays. However, there are two particular beaches that Alanya is known for, Cleopatra and Keykubatbeach. The main characteristics of both are the crystal clear waters and the sandy terrains. Perfect for people of all ages, as well as for families, the beaches in Alanya are ideal for laid-back moments under the Mediterranean sun. The sea is also a great place for exploration when you are in Alanya. There are boat trips departing on a daily basis that take you around the coast to discover beautiful and interesting spots, as you swim into the turquoise waters.

Culinary experience and nightlife

Tasting the local ingredients and recipes won’t disappoint you. In fact, as in every other Turkish city, Alanya has its own production of ingredients, including tasty and fresh fishes. The town is popular for demonstrating an incredible gastronomic tradition able to upgrade your experiences. Around the city, you can find many fine restaurants and small traditional taverns, serving you the best of Alanya. Get your chance to explore the local tradition by choosing flavours made by local products. In Alanya, you may also find traditional desserts and oriental sweets.

If you seek some more entertainment and vibrant atmosphere, then you are on the right place! Alanya is known for its lively nightlife, which has options for people of all ages. Beach bars, restaurants with live music, bars, and of course discos are among the most popular options.

Activities and excursions

Alanya is also known for having a beautiful natural setting, and for its close proximity to other famous summer resorts. Therefore, it is a great place for activities and excursions. If you are seeking some adrenaline-boosting activities, the mountains surrounding the town are the place to be. Jeep safaris, horse riding, and rafting are among the things you can enjoy. In case you wish to experience a more relaxing and atmospheric day, then you may join a boat trip or a day trip to a nearby city.


Last, but not least, Alanya is known for having interesting monuments and sights. The castle is the city’s main attraction and symbol. It has a long history that goes through the centuries, and by visiting the castle you have the opportunity to observe and enjoy some imposing panoramic views of the city. In Alanya, you may also visit the red tower and the museum. If you are seeking a more alternative sightseeing experience, then you can tour around the many picturesque villages of the countryside. The villages have their own unique character, and are famous for the warmth of the local people, the authentic Turkish hospitality, and their interesting traditions.

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