Food in Marmaris

Food in Marmaris?

If you hop on the scales before you set off for Marmaris, you’ll probably find you’ve gained a few pounds on your return! This isn’t such a bad thing, it just means that the food in Turkey is irresistible and you’ll probably eat more than you normally would. The local food can be enjoyed out in the fresh air, in the street, on a terrace overlooking the sea or in a beautiful restaurant garden.

Food Prices in Marmaris

There’s plenty of choice for those on a budget. Street food is not to be missed, for breakfast the traditional ‘simit’, a kind of bagel, is usually eaten on its own or with cheese and of course Turkish tea or coffee. Needless to say, the Turkish kebab is widely available in the streets. The roasted meat and salad are wrapped in a bread bun. ‘Gözleme’ is thinly rolled bread with delicious fillings of mince, spinach, cheese or potato and fried onions, cooked on a hot metal plate.

For good value with a taste of home, try Fantasia for pizza and fast food, the Cozy Corner for roast beef and Yorkshire pudding or Ricky’s Chippy.

Mid-Range Restaurants

You can have breakfast at Tiffany’s, on the Marmaris coast, but you might prefer a nice lunch or dinner there instead. From seafood to pasta, steak dishes to Mexican fajitas and numerous cocktails, there are lots of options. Samdan restaurant has a bar and serves Turkish and Italian food. South of Marmaris, the coastal restaurant at Selimiye, Sardunya Restoran, has seafood, Turkish and Mediterranean food which you can enjoy along with the salty sea air and the nice views. To the north is Halil’in Yeri Burak Restaurant serving breakfast, brunch, seafood and Turkish food or the nearby Cağlayan Restaurant.

Fine Dining

At the higher end of the scale are restaurants like Yelken, meaning ‘sail’, suiting its location by the harbour in central Marmaris, where you can have a nice piece of fish and a salad with the local Rakı (aniseed flavoured alcoholic drink), beer or wine. North of Marmaris at Akçapınar is Nadir Usta’nın Yeri where you can try the delicious local vegetable and fish dishes in green, peaceful surroundings. At the very top end of the scale, there’s the Hillside Beach Club Main Restaurant in Fethiye. The food and the hotel are very highly recommended, overlooking the Aegean sea and some of the cleanest blue flag beaches in Turkey. At Selimiye, to the southwest of Marmaris, there’s the Kandil Restaurant Şafak Usta’nın Yeri at the harbour, open from early morning to midnight, where you can enjoy the best in local Turkish cuisine and seafood.



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