do you have to wear a hijab in turkey

Do you have to wear a hijab in Turkey

The hijab is seldom worn by Turkish women, although it may be seen in areas where there are tourists or immigrants from muslim countries with different traditions regarding dress. It is more common to see the headscarf worn with long-sleeved tops and trousers and a long coat among more conservative Turkish women. However, there are no laws about what to wear so it’s recommended to dress as you would at home but perhaps a little more conservatively. What’s appropriate also depends on where you’re going – a coastal resort, a big city, a historical site or on an adventure in the mountains. Excursion Mania offers a wide range of holidays to suit your interests and its best to be prepared when packing for your exciting trip.


Smart casual is the usual look in big cities such as this and people dress quite stylishly as they would in other major cities of the world. You will enjoy walking in the footsteps of the Ottomans on a tour through this amazing city with a knowledgeable guide to tell you all the history. The charming, paved streets can be quite steep in this hilly city and some even have steps. Make sure that the shoes you bring are comfortable, preferably flat shoes. Weather in spring and autumn is pleasant, sometimes cool, with some showers so a raincoat is advisable. Winter can be quite cold and occasionally snowy while summer is hot and humid. The guide will take you into some of Istanbul’s grand, ornately decorated mosques. To be respectful, women cover their heads and wear a medium length skirt or trousers and a long-sleeved top whereas men can wear a t-shirt but must wear long trousers.

Coastal Resorts

The season for beach holidays is around May to September and Excursion Mania has all kinds of tours in this magnificent region, from horse riding and quad safari adventures to scuba diving, rafting and swimming with dolphins. Spring and autumn are warm with little rain in this mediterranean area while the summer is hot. Most tourists wear t-shirt and shorts and beachwear is fine for on the beach. Remember to bring a sunhat and sandals and a cardigan or jacket for the evening. If you like to party and plan to visit the numerous bars and nightclubs of Marmaris or if you simply want to visit a stylish restaurant you will need to bring some nice evening wear, too.

Rural Areas

There are organized trips to Turkish villages where you can observe charming houses in the pretty countryside and pick up some souvenirs. Traditional country women wear a headscarf, long sleeved top and baggy trousers (shalvar) but foreigners are accepted as they are. It is nonetheless a good idea to be fairly conservative, avoid sleeveless tops and wear knee length shorts.

Turkey is basically a modern, secular muslim country where foreigners are welcomed and made to feel comfortable. Enjoy your holiday!


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