can you drink alcohol in istanbul

Can you drink alcohol in Istanbul

Anyone over the age of 18 can buy alcoholic drinks in restaurants, bars etc. The local drinks like beer and wine are very reasonably priced but imported drinks can be a bit more expensive. Heavy drinking is not a part of Turkish culture, they usually enjoy a few drinks with a meal or at a nightclub but don’t drink to excess. For this reason, drinking in moderation is recommended. It isn’t the norm to drink while walking in the street but it’s fine to sit and enjoy a beer outside at a street cafe. Not all restaurants and cafes serve alcohol so it’s worth asking beforehand. Our Istanbul cruises include meals on board with a range of drinks from beer and wine to imported drinks. Sit back and relax while taking in all the sights along the Bosphorus.

Local Drinks

The most well known Turkish drink is Rakı, or Lion’s Milk. When watered down it has the appearance of milk and is certainly powerful with an alcohol content of around 45%. This aniseed flavoured drink is mixed with chilled water as a refreshing accompaniment to a kebab or other dish. It’s served with appetisers in Turkish taverns where friends meet to listen to the traditional live folk music and have in depth discussions.

Turkey is a large producer of grapes and its wine making history goes back thousands of years, but Turkish wine brands have only recently gained international recognition. The best quality wines are Kavaklidere, a dry white wine from Central Anatolia fermented in oak barrels, Kayra, a fresh, perfumed red wine made with cherries from the Aegean Coastal region and Pasaeli, a dry, fruity rosé wine produced in Izmir to name just a few.

Efes Pilsen is the most popular beer, also produced in Izmir. There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot day than a nice, cold Efes. Miller, Becks, Fosters and Warsteiner are made by the same company. Tuborg is another locally produced beer.

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Istanbul Tours and Events

On the Bosphorus Lunch Cruise you will travel from one continent to the other, cruising between the Golden Horn and the entrance to the Black Sea, where you can observe the beautiful architecture of the Ottoman mansions, famous palaces and the Anadolu Kavağı fortification. Lunch is served on board with a range of drinks.

The Istanbul City Tour includes a Walking Tour with a stop for lunch at a restaurant followed by a visit to the Sultan’s Tombs, sarcophagi dating back to the 16th century, and the old Ottoman residence of Topkapı Palace.

For evening entertainment you can choose the Bosphorus Dinner Cruise or you might prefer the Istanbul Turkish Night Show & Dinner. You can order alcoholic or soft drinks with the traditional Turkish meal, which has several options, and is followed by Turkish classical music and folk dancing, belly dancing and a disco with a mix of modern and traditional music.

Come to Istanbul, you’re sure to have a great time!

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