Everything you need to know when you book a Hot air balloon Flight

Everything you need to know when you book a Hot air balloon Flight

Welcome to the world of aviation. If you are reading this article, it means you either booked your balloon flight or decided to book one. Here, we would like to explain you everything you need to know about hot air balloon flights.


We, from Excursion Mania, have been organizing balloon rides for many years in the best locations in Turkey. We fly throughout Cappadocia and Pamukkale. Our Cappadocia Balloon Tour is an adventurous ride above the famous fairy chimneys, peculiar rock formations and valleys while the sun rises. The Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Ride will fly above the famous white cliffs (cotton castle), Denizli, Meander Valley and the remains of the ancient city Hierapolis.


A hot air balloon ride is an exciting experience. As you float several meters above the Earth’s surface, we make sure everything is 100% safe for our guests. We use high-quality equipment and give importance to the maintenance. Our pilots are all certified members of the team with many years of experience. They take the weather conditions very serious and make the final decision, to launch the balloon, together with a team of professionals. Our goal is to make your Hot Air Balloon Ride a safe and enjoyable experience that you will remember for many years.


According to our flight plans, we are considiring each flight as 1 hour. But Balloons don’t have any engines or wings. Simply everything depends on the situation of the wind. Some time this flight time can go down to 30 minutes in bad or windy weather conditions.

Delay or cancellation

Adventure sports, like hot air balloon rides, are risky in bad weather conditions. Balloons travel in the direction of the wind and cannot be steered like cars or helicopters. It is possible that your flight might be put on hold, when the pilot requires more time to see how the weather is developing. In case of cancellation of the flight due to the weather conditions, our purpose is to ensure the safety of our passengers. When the balloon is ready and you are about to take off, even then your flight can get cancelled. There is nothing as unpredictable as the weather! Your safety is our main concern, so we kindly ask you to be patient when there is a delay or cancellation.


If the flight is cancelled due to us, you will get a full refund. If the payment is made by credit card, then it may take up to 4 days for the money to get back into your bank account. If you made the payment by your debit card, then it can take up to 14 days before you get your money back. We suggest you book your balloon flight in the first days of your holiday. So you won’t miss out in case of cancellation of delay.

Fun fact

Did you know first hot air balloon was invented in France and took flight in 1783? The scientist, Pilatre De Rozier, sent a duck, sheep and a rooster for the first ever hot air balloon flight. The balloon stayed in the air for 15 minutes. People had never seen anything like that before and thought the balloons were fire breathing dragons. To prove they were humans, balloon pilots would carry a bottle of champagne. That’s why a traditional champagne toast is held after landing.


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