What airport in near Lara Beach?

What airport is near Lara Beach?

The vibrant city of Antalya forms the second most visited city in Turkey and this is not a coincidence as its exceptional position in the heart of Turkish Riviera, allows pleasurable and enjoyable holidays for all. In the broader region of Antalya, visitors can find the infamous Lara beach, a resort famous for its extravagant and impressive accommodation options as well as for its long sandy beach. Lara beach is in fact one of the longest beaches in the country and a proud host of blue flag for its crystal clear and high quality waters.

Except from the above mentioned factors making Lara beach one of the most preferred summer resorts, there is one additional element adding character and style in the area. Visitors of Lara beach find a variety of luxurious hotel resorts replicating many famous locations around the world. This is why Lara beach is often characterised as the Turkish Vegas.

Getting there

The outstanding and splendid landscape surrounding Lara beach is a pole of attraction for many travellers. Even those who are not staying there, consider visiting Lara beach as a must try activity during their holiday. Getting there is relatively easy as the beach is located at a short distance, east of Antalya’s city centre. There are multiple daily bus routes from the centre towards the beach which take approximately 30-45 minutes. However, for those who wish to enjoy a more comfortable and private transfer service, taxis and private mini vans are also available. Renting a car or a bike can also be an option as the distance is short and tourists are able to enjoy the ride towards Lara beach.

Closest airport

Visiting Antalya and spending your holidays at Lara beach can be the ultimate summer experience. During the planning phase of the trip, one should consider which airport is close to Lara beach and how easy is to access the beach from the airport. The answer to that question is that travellers should choose to flight towards Antalya airport as it is 15km away from Lara beach. From the airport, there are multiple transfer options towards the beach such as taxi, public bus, private mini bus and car rental facilities.

Facilities and nightlife

Lara beach is able to meet and overcome even the most high end expectations due to the variety of things to do, services and its general cosmopolitan atmosphere. In fact, visitors can find comfortable sunbeds, umbrellas, beach bars, restaurants and many more in order to enjoy their day at the beach. In addition, the area has a lot of shopping options, including sophisticated boutiques and traditional bazaars. Nightlife is also an option for holiday makers as there are multiple bars, night clubs and restaurants.

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