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Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon (STANDARD)

Pamukkale Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flight

From70 €
1 Hour Flight
Fly With Our (STANDARD) package which is budget friendly ✓Certificate & Champaigne Toast ✓Safety Briefing Before Flight ✓Hotel Transfer ✓Full Insurance
(63 Reviews)
Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon (COMFORT)

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon (COMFORT)

From120 €80 €
1 Hour Flight
Fly With Comfort Package (Max 12 - 16 Passangers) ✓Certificate & Champaigne Toast ✓Safety Briefing Before Flight ✓Hotel Transfer ✓Full Insurance
(8 Reviews)
Pamukkale Private Balloon Tour

Pamukkale Private Balloon Tour

From500 €
1 Hour Flight
Pamukkale Private Balloon Tour For Special Events ✓Certificate & Champaigne Toast ✓Safety Briefing Before Flight ✓Free Hotel Transfer ✓Full Insurance
(4 Reviews)

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Reviews

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Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon

Best Balloon Tour In Pamukkale

We have been selected TripAdvisor -Excellent- certificated balloon operator

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon is one of the most exciting and memorable experiences you can join. You’ve probably came across the many pictures on the internet showing charming colourful hot air balloons, flying against a spectacular sunrise. Now it’s your time to be part of this wonderful Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon, and create your own, unique memories.

Pamukkale is among the most beautiful areas to visit in Turkey, and there is no wonder why! The unparallel beauty of nature, along with the long history, compose a scenery that is truly exceptional. Famous for its thermal springs, Pamukkale hosts the imposing Cotton Castle, as well as many other natural pools where you can receive the benefits of thermal water. These thermal springs were famous since antiquity when the ancient city of Hierapolis was a major spiritual and healing centre. Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon is listed as one of the top activities in the area, as it offers views on the sites, and the opportunity to witness a sunrise like no other!

Basket Types

We have offers for every taste and budget


Max Capacity 20 people
Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon


Capacity (12-16) people
Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon


Capacity (2-4) persons
Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon

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Discover the many facets of Pamukkale on a balloon tour

If you are planning your holidays in Pamukkale, then Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon must, probably be, in your bucket list. There are many things to expect when joining this experience. Firstly, the atmosphere as you fly up there is idyllic and charming. Many colourful hot air balloons fly against the sunrise, while the warmth of the light completes a truly stunning image. It is not a coincidence, though, that Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon is considered as a picture-perfect activity.

Secondly, from up there, you can expect to witness the exquisite beauty of Pamukkale. Breath-taking panoramic views over the area’s most notable sites, are among the highlights of the flight. Finally, you can expect to be part of an experience that is so special, that finishes with a champagne toast and a small celebration!

How much is Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon?

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon has an approximate cost of 35€ for an adult individual. The price depends on the season you are choosing to join, as well as on the size of the group. Keep your eyes open for group booking discounts, or for discounts when you book multiple excursions.


What’s included?

The price of Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon includes transfer services from and to your hotel, full insurance, instructions, a 1-hour flight, a champagne toast upon landing, as well as a flight certificate.

How long is the Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon flight?

The flight has an approximate duration of one hour. However, it is subject to the direction of the wind and weather conditions. In total, the whole activity lasts for almost 3 hours.

When does the balloon takes off?

This unique experience takes place during the morning, before down. With a comfortable vehicle, you arrive at the take-off site where you meet the pilots and observe their preparations. When they are ready, and the flight status is checked by the relevant authorities, the hot air balloon takes off just before the sunrise.

How safe is the flight?

Flying with a Hot Air Balloon is among the safest activities. The whole process before, during, and after the flight is supervised by the official government authorities. The flights are conducted by fully licenced, professional pilots. In what regards the balloons, they comply with all safety regulations and are going through regular maintenances and inspections.

Is the flight available on all seasons?

Flights are available on a year-round basis, giving you the opportunity to witness the beauty of Pamukkale on every season! Keep in mind that weather conditions are crucial for the flight. Therefore, if the speed of the wind in less than 11km/hour and there is no rain, hot air balloons can take off.

How high do the balloons rise?

The maximum altitude that a Hot Air Balloon in Pamukkale reaches, depends on the weather conditions. According to regulations, a balloon can rise up to the limit of 1400 meters above the ground.

How much distance is covered?

For a one-hour flight, a Hot Air Balloon covers a distance of, approximately, 6 to 7kms. Once again, the distance covered during the flight depends on the weather conditions.

Where do the balloons land?

Depending on the take-off site, Hot Air Balloons have a predetermined landing site. The pilots are aware of the location, and ensure a smooth and safe landing process.

How many people are in the basket?

  • There are different sizes of balloons, able to accommodate the needs of any group. Smaller balloons can host 10-15 people, while others can go up to 25 people. In any case, the flight is comfortable, and balloons’ baskets are safe irrespective of the size of the group.

Who can join?

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon is ideal for all! However, for safety reasons, people experiencing mobility issues or any other health-related condition, are instructed not to participate. In addition, pregnant women, or people who afraid of heights cannot participate.

Is it family friendly?

Yes, Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon is a family friendly activity. Please note that children under the age of 4 are not allowed to join. Children above 4 can participate, given that they are accompanied by an adult family member.

Are pilots licensed and participants insured?

Pilots conducting Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon flights are fully licenced and experienced. Their license is renewed every two years, and they are fully capable to offer you a special and safe flight. Participants are also insured for the flight, and insurance in included in the flight’s price.

What if my flight is cancelled?

A Hot Air Balloon Flight in Pamukkale can be cancelled the day before or on the day of the flight, due to bad weather conditions. As safety is our number one priority, if your flight is cancelled you will receive a notice. In this case, you can request full refund or reschedule for when the weather conditions are ideal.

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Prices

We offer the most competitive prices (we are selling over 5000 pax annually)

You may be wondering how much it costs to fly with a Hot Air Balloon in Pamukkale. The average cost of such an experience is around €90 per person. This price includes round-trip transfers to and from your accommodation, instructions by professional pilots, 1-hour flight, champagne glass on landing, plus a cool flight certificate to take home. (price may change each month)

The price of a Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon flight also depends on the size of the group, ie private flight or group flight. Do not hesitate to contact us and allow us to make an offer that fits your budget and preferences. Discounts and offers are also available, and our customer service team will be happy to answer your questions.

Best season for a Hot Air Balloon Flight in Pamukkale

As Pamukkale is one of the best locations to join a Hot Air Balloon experience, you can expect on a busy day to see tens of them up in the sky! If you are looking for the best season to participate in this flight, we have good news! Autumn and Spring are considered the best period of the year, due to the mild weather conditions. Therefore, you can expect a low speed of wind, and a comfortable flight without experiencing cold or extremely high temperatures.

Safety Measures

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon flights are supervised and monitored by the Turkish Directorate General of Civil Aviation. Therefore, you can expect a safe and smooth flight. Balloons are well-maintained and meet all safety requirements. In addition to that, all pilots undergo professional training in order to get the relevant license.

Who should not join Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon?

    Participation in a Hot Air Balloon Flight is not recommended for the following people:

  1. People who had a surgery recently
  2. People experiencing severe pain in the hip or waist
  3. People with issues relating to bone structure
  4. People who are afraid of heights
  5. Pregnant women
  6. Children under the age of 4


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