how much is a pint of beer in turkey

How much is a pint of beer in Turkey?

Whether relaxing on a golden beach listening to the waves in Marmaris, enjoying a delicious meal watching an amazing Turkish dance show at a cave restaurant on the Cappadocia Turkish Night, an open buffet lunch near the white travertines on the Pamukkale Day Tour or on a Bosphorus Dinner Cruise in Istanbul, a nice, cold beer will make your trip all the more enjoyable. So, what kinds of beer can you get and how much does a beer cost in Turkey?

What kinds of beer are sold in Turkey?

The first breweries in Turkey were established in Istanbul and Izmir during the last century of the Ottoman Empire. Efes Pilsen is by far the most popular locally produced beer. It’s a pilsener-type lager with clear, golden colour and bubbles like sparkling wine and it is said to compliment Turkish food very well. The Efes Pilsen company in Izmir, named after the nearby ancient ruins of Ephesus on Turkey’s Aegean coast, is also licensed to produce Becks, which is a light German pilsener, dry with a malt flavour. Other beers made at this brewery are Warsteiner, which combines the flavours of barley malt, yeast and hops, Miller, the perfect refreshing beer for the summer and Fosters, a full-bodied beer with a malt flavour and slight bitterness. Tuborg, a mild, refreshing lager is another beer that’s produced in Turkey.

The price of beer in Turkey.

In the Marmaris region, the price of beer varies depending on location. Local beer such as Efes or Tuborg is the cheapest and costs around £2 at the supermarket but the price is higher on the beach or in Bar Street. On Longbeach in Marmaris, a bottle of local beer is about £2.30 and a glass is about £1.50. This is similar to prices at the Marina and the nearby resorts of Turunç, İçmeler and Armutalan. On Bar Street where most of the bars and nightclubs are located, it’s about £4.70 per bottle and just over £4 for a glass. A bottle of light beer or a glass of Shandy is similar in price but other beers such as Guinness, Becks, Carlsberg and Miller are slightly higher at around £2.60 – £3.10 or £7 a bottle on Bar Street.

In Istanbul, a half litre bottle of local beer is around £2.10, whereas a 0.33 litre bottle of imported beer is about £2.50.

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