Does Antalya have sandy beaches

Does Antalya have sandy beaches ?

Often characterized as one of the ultimate summer destinations in Turkey, Antalya is capable of offering memorable and pleasurable holidays to its visitors. To the great majority of holiday makers, there is one particular element that makes the broader region of Antalya really special. The exceptional beaches that the area has fascinate and excite every single visitor who wishes to relax, swim into crystal clear waters and enjoy the Mediterranean sun. But does Antalya have sandy beaches? The answer is yes, visitors are able to find a plethora of sandy beaches and here are some of the most famous among the many.

Lara Beach

Lara beach is usually crowded during the peak of summer season as it is one of the most known beaches of the area. A proud host of blue flag due to its water’s excellent quality, Lara beach is a common option for both, locals and tourists due to its close proximity to the city centre. The sandy terrain of this beach allows visitors to enjoy sunbathing under the Mediterranean sun. In addition, it hosts a sandcastle exhibition with sculptures made by sand.

Patara Beach

According to mythology, Patara beach is the birthplace of Apollo and stretches within an impressive distance of 12 kilometres. The beach can be found on a south direction from Kalkan and Kaş and forms another popular spot for holiday makers due to its outstanding beauty. It must be noted that Patara beach is listed as one of the widest beaches in the northern part of the Mediterranean region.

Phaselis Beach

Phaselis beach is located at the town of Terikova in the northern part of Antalya. The area is also known as the Turquoise Coast due to the incredible colour and the excellent quality of the waters. In fact, Phaselis is also an interesting archaeological sight of an ancient Greek and Roman city. There, visitors are able to observe three different small bays and enjoy swimming into their crystal clear waters. The golden sand, the colour of the sea and the flawless aura of the area will offer you an unforgettable experience during your time there.

Damlataş Beach

For those who wish to combine adventure and relaxation, this particular bay is one of the best available options in Antalya. Damlataş beach features a sandy terrain with refreshing waters which are ideal for swimming and laid back moments. However, the beach is also an excellent option for snorkelling due to the water’s great visibility. It must be noted that, in 1948 a cave was discovered accidentally during the harbour’s construction and since then it forms a popular tourist attraction.

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