Sarigerme Boat Rental

Your dream vacations are just few clicks away! Sail in the beautiful blue waters and unfold the outstanding beauty of the coast around Sarigerme.

Sarigerme is one of the most exclusive vacation resorts in the area. The town is surrounded by the majestic beauty of nature, with an exceptional combo of mountain and sea. While there are many high-end resorts in the area, the idea of renting a boat, sounds like the ideal getaway for some more privacy with your loved ones.

Boat rentals in Sarigerme are available on a daily and weekly basis. Therefore, you may charter a boat to make your day memorable or to celebrate any special occasion with friends or family. Better still, you can choose a boat as your accommodation in Sarigerme and explore the beautiful bays and coves that the coast has.


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Göcek- GCK(G) 1

GCK(G) 1

Daily / Weekly
GCK(G) 1 - ✓14 Meter Length ✓4.35 Width ✓2×480 HP Engine Power ✓Deck Shower ✓Dining Table ✓Swimming Ladder ✓Sunbed
Göcek- GCK(G) 2

GCK(G) 2

Daily / Weekly
GCK(G) 2 ✓Brand Princess 412-2 ✓14 Meter Length ✓3.90 Meter Width ✓1989 Model ✓2021 Renovation ✓2. Floor
Göcek- GCK(G) 3

GCK(G) 3

Daily / Weekly
GCK(G) 1 - ✓11 Meter Length ✓2015 Model ✓180 HP Motor Power ✓Outdoor Dining Table ✓Swimming Ladder ✓Sunbathing Terrace ✓Shadow Area
Göcek- GCK(G) 4

GCK(G) 4

Daily / Weekly
GCK(G) 4 - ✓Daily / Weekly ✓12 Meter Length ✓Outdoor Dining Table ✓Swimming Ladder ✓Sunbathing Terrace ✓Shadow Area
Göcek- GCK(G) 5

GCK(G) 5

Daily / Weekly
GCK(G) 5 - ✓14 Meter Length ✓Outdoor Dining Table ✓Swimming Ladder ✓Sunbathing Terrace ✓Shadow Area ✓Deck Bar
Göcek- GCK(G) 6

GCK(G) 6

Daily / Weekly
GCK(G) 6 - ✓14 Meter Length ✓Outdoor Dining Table ✓Swimming Ladder ✓Sunbathing Terrace ✓Shadow Area
Göcek- GCK(G) 7

GCK(G) 7

Daily / Weekly
GCK(G) 7 - ✓Daily / Weekly ✓11 Meter Length ✓Outdoor Dining Table ✓Swimming Ladder ✓Sunbathing Terrace ✓Shadow Area
Göcek- GCK(G) 8

GCK(G) 8

Daily / Weekly
GCK(G) 8 - ✓Daily / Weekly ✓14 Meter Length ✓Outdoor Dining Table ✓Swimming Ladder ✓Sunbathing Terrace ✓Shadow Area
Göcek- GCK(G) 9

GCK(G) 9

Daily / Weekly
GCK(G) 9 - ✓17 Meter Length ✓2017 Model ✓Outdoor Dining Table ✓Swimming Ladder ✓Sunbathing Terrace ✓Shadow Area
Göcek- GCK(G) 10

GCK(G) 10

Daily / Weekly
GCK(G) 10 ✓14 Meter Length ✓Deck Shower ✓Dining Table ✓Swimming Ladder ✓Sunbathing Deck ✓Shadow Area
Göcek- GCK(G) 11

GCK(G) 11

Daily / Weekly
GCK(G) 11 ✓2 double cabins ✓USB Socket ✓Bathroom ✓Toilet ✓220V Electric Outlet ✓Kitchen ✓Fridge
Göcek- GCK(G) 12

GCK(G) 12

Daily / Weekly
GCK(G) 12 ✓12 Meter Length ✓24 KWa Generator✓Deck Shower ✓Dining Table ✓Swimming Ladder ✓Sun Deck ✓Shadow Area
Göcek- GCK(G) 13

GCK(G) 13

GCK(G) 13 ✓Year of Construction 1985 ✓Year of Renovation 2021 ✓18 Meters ✓Engine 185 HP ✓Sun Terrace
Göcek- GCK(G) 14

GCK(G) 14

GCK(G) 14 ✓23 Meter Length ✓6.15 Meter Width ✓2014 Model 540 HP Engine Power ✓Sunbathing Deck
Göcek- GCK(G) 15

GCK(G) 15

GCK(G) 15 ✓13.5 Meters ✓2 Cabins ✓Deck Shower ✓Dining Table ✓Swimming Ladder ✓Sunbathing Deck ✓Shadow Area
Göcek- GCK(G) 16

GCK(G) 16

GCK(G) 16 ✓Renovation Year 2023 ✓2 Floors ✓Deck Shower ✓Dining Table ✓Swimming Ladder ✓Sunbathing Terrace
Göcek- GCK(G) 17

GCK(G) 17

GCK(G) 17 ✓24 Meters ✓8 Double Cabins ✓420 Hp Engine Power ✓42 Kwa Generator ✓Sun Terrace
Göcek- GCK(G) 18

GCK(G) 18

GCK(G) 18 ✓26 Meter Length ✓7.3 Meter Width ✓450 Hp Engine Power ✓32 Kwa Generator ✓Sunbathing Deck

Daily Boat Rentals in Sarigerme

Sarigerme is a great travel destination in Turkey with a lot to do and see

While the town has some breath-taking bays, renting a boat allows you to discover every single little bay around the coast. The waters in Sarigerme are famous for being crystal clear and perfect for swimming. Charter a boat and grab the opportunity to visit and swim at some charming bays. The duration of the trip, as well as the route, depends on your preferences.

Daily boat rentals are also ideal for celebrations and parties. Make some precious memories with friends or family, while sailing into the tranquil waters around Sarigerme. Our team of experts is ready to plan everything needed for an exceptional day. The fleet includes boats of different sizes, all of them with state-of-the-art design and features. Spacious cabins, outdoor entertaining areas, and elegant interior design are some of the things you can expect when renting a boat in Sarigerme.

Weekly Boat Rentals In Sarigerme

Exceptional services at affordable prices

For a more exclusive and fully private accommodation in Sarigerme, you may charter a boat on a weekly basis. Get to know how it feels to wake up at sea, enjoy the fresh summer breeze at night, and have some fun in a private setting, while sailing along the coast for a week. The well-trained crew and the sophisticated design of the boat are ready to upgrade your experiences and make your holidays special.

Pumper yourself with exceptional service, and enjoy magical moments while in Sarigerme by renting a boat for a day or more. Boat rental services are fully adjustable to your budget and needs. In other words, you are free to choose the duration of the rental, the meals or drinks, and even better, the services you wish to have available during the trip. The only thing you must do is to get in touch with us and let us know your needs and expectations. Our team will arrange a dreamy boat rental for you and your beloved ones in Sarigerme.


Are there any budget boat rental options in Sarigerme?

As Excursion Mania we are working directly with local boat owners in Sarigerme. due to this we have many different budget-friendly boat options in Sarigerme.

What are the best family friendly boats in Sarigerme?

Sarigerme is a popular holiday destination for families. We have a quite few family friendly boat rental options for Sarigerme in our arsenal.

Can you rent yacht for a day in Sarigerme?

Sarigerme is famous with its marina. We have many luxurious yacht option to rent for a day or overnight stay.

Can you rent a boat in Sarigerme?

Sarigerme is the best place to rent a boat. You can rent a boat for a day or week, with or without a captain. From a motor boat to sailboat or even a yacht, you’ll find  everything that you are looking for.

How much does renting a yacht cost in Sarigerme?

A middle class yacht will cost around 500€ a day in Sarigerme.

What are the COVID protocols for Sarigerme Boat Rental?

  • No Face masks required for our guests as it is a full private experince
  • Hand sanitizer available to our guests and staff, through the rental duration
  • Regularly sanitized high-traffic areas in the boat
  • All our transportation vehicles regularly sanitized
  • The captain & the crew required to regularly wash their hands
  • Regular temperature checks for all staff

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