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Best Things To To in Side for Couples

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Side was an ancient port city in Turkey, now it’s a resort town on southern Mediterranean coast. It is in Province Of Antalya and 78km from city Antalya. It’s also belongs to the Pamphylian coast’s eastern part. There you can visit modern resort city and also can see some ruins of ancient city, which was founded in 7th century BC. There are more things you can do and we have collected some of them, which tours you would like.

Side Horse Safari

If you are interested in horse riding and want to enrich your holidays experiences, you should go on Horse Safari Tour, which is ideal for those who wants to get beautiful and calm moments while horse riding. Tour starts when our team member will take you from hotel to the countryside, where is horse farm located. There you will meet horse riding instructors, who will provide you a lesson how to ride a horse and how to use the safety equipment properly. Those horses are totally safe for riding, because they are specially trained and instructors will give you full info about your horse. After the training you will be able to ride a horse about 1 hour and you will be accompanied by your instructor. During horse riding you will see some beautiful forests, rivers and other nature around the countryside. In the end the driver will take you back to your hotel and you will be full of emotions and this will add to your extra good memories of your vacations.

Peacefull Boat Trip

Side Green Canyon Boat Trip

This tour is for them who doesn’t like crowds on their vacations and also loves nature, because you will be able to relax travelling in waters of Green Lake and enjoy of watching surrounded nature. From hotel you will go by modern vehicles and then first stop will be at the dam lake of Oymapinar and that Dam is fifth largest in Turkey. Also you will see 2000 years old bridge, which is from Roman period. After 14Km route and view of beautiful nature, we will take lunch break at a lake-side restaurant where the menu includes meatball, fish, salad, pasta, fruit and also barbecued chicken. When lunch end you can enjoy more views of lake and also do some lake activities, after all those experience the boat will sail from the tour start location and then you will arrive back at hotel by our driver.

Best Dance Show Ever!

Side Fire of Anatolia Troy

Want to spend your vacation’s one night in the heart of Turkish culture and listen mesmerizing music with splendid dance show? So you should join our tour “Side Fire of Anatalia Troy” which also is named as Sultans of Dance. This dance’s main idea is the meeting of different civilizations on one scene, from where you will hear the myth about Troya. This is the oldest story, which includes the dreams and truth, which is written by Anatolian poet and this dancing group will give life to it. This is incredible show for them who wants to know more about Turkish culture, you will spend that one night and never forget it.

For an Amazing Experience

Side Cappadocia Tour

This tour offers you to spend 2 days in Cappadocia, where you can see natural wonders, eat Turkish foods, know more about Turkish culture and history, also get experience in balloon tour. . Tour starts with ride from your hotel to Seydisehir city, this ride will take about 2 hours and you will stop where you can relax with breakfast. Next stop is near Aksarey, in the region of Cappadocia, the underground city by the name Saratlı Kırkgöz. In this city you can see ancient tunnels, water wells, kitchens and warehouses and hear histories from your guide. Lunch break will be at Avance province, after that refresh you will be able to visit Valley of the Monks and Valley of Imagination. Also you will visit Church of St. Jhon the Baptist, which is one of the first and greatest Christian Church in the region. If you want to go on balloon tour, you should pay extra and there starts your two hours adventure, after you will be back with other tour participants and together go to Üçhisar Castle, where you can take pictures of this historical place, than you will be taken in Konya and after short break you will have lunch and taste famous Konya’s meat bread. Before excursion ends you will visit workshop, where you can see some amazing handmade products, which you could by as souvenirs and take it to your home, or gift it to your friends.

Underwater Life

Side Diving Tour

Diving tour is for them who wants to know more about underwater world’s secrets, even if it’s your first dive you should not worry about it, because it’s safe and with you dives experienced divers, which will give you information about safety diving and then help you to dive. There will be 2 dives and each duration will be 40 minutes, this is for safe. There is crystal clear water, where you can see wrecks, reefs and different variety of fishes. This diving is allowed only above 12 years old. If you are not ready for diving, you anyway can to go on this tour, because there we have sun deck and can enjoy of sunbathing. When this tour end you will transfer from the port, into your hotel.

In Side city you have chance to take different experience and have fun on your vacation. We are offering you some experience for you, which you can take by joining them and make your vacation unforgettable. If visited Side city and want to spend time well, we will help you, you need just contact us and we will help you make your vacation great.

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