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Adventurous Things To Do in Side

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If you are on holday in Side and are looking for adventure, we will offer you some tours and you by joining them will give chance to make your vacation more adventurous than it could be. This city is full of places where you can get some adventures and we collected them, made tours and this tour is for every person who wants to get advantures and doesn’t want boring holiday without any activities.

Hotel Transfer

Join Rafting in Koprulu Canyon

Want to spend time in Side with unordinary activities? So Side Rafting Tour is for you. This tour starts in the morning and you go from hotel towards Köprülü Canyon, where is the rafting center. This place visits thousands of tourists every year, so it’s most popular place in Turkey. Instructors will teach you how to use equipment and everything what you need for rafting. After that you will start Body rafting to get used to the temperature, than you will fight as team against the flow of Köprüçay River, which length is 14Km. You will fight about 40 minutes and then take a short break, while you can swim or enjoy watching beautiful nature. The rafting will continue and in the middle there will be a lunch break for recovering your strength and when rafting ends you will be able to purchase official photos and videos of your Rafting, but you should pay an extra cost for it. In the end of tour driver will take you back in hotel.

Double Experience at the Same Time

Rafting & Safari - Combine Two Adventures

Side Jeep Safari and Rafting tour offers you one day, where you can do an off-road safari in dust and raft in the river. Tour starts when 4×4 jeep takes you from hotel and went at Taurus Mountains about 80Km. During this rout you will be able to go in some villages, see those people life, watch beautiful nature and then jeep will take you to the Köprülü National Park, where you will meet instructors and they will explain you how to use equipment and basics of “bodyrafting”, when this ends you will fight against river about 14Km route in Köprülü Canyon. During this route you will stop and take some breaks, while you can swim, eat or do anything you want and when you end this rafting you can pay extra cost and get official photos and videos of your rafting, then you will go back in hotel and this will be your holiday’s one of the best day.

More Speed!

Jeep Safari within Taurus Mountains

If you are interested in Side’s countryside this tour is for you. Side Jeep Safari offers you to go in Taurus Mountains and ride off-road jeeps. That’s not all you will be able to see some historical places like Naras Bridge, which is 1800 years old and some ruins from the Roman period. You should take your camera if you want photos for memory. The excursion continues in a small village, where you will take a short break and drink tea, also have chance to eat Turkish traditional pancakes “gözleme”. Next time you will stop at the hill of Sayren and you will enjoy stunning panoramic views over the lake and Oymapinur Dam. Then tour will continue with off-road jeeps and next stop will be for a lunch, where can eat some good foods and also there is foods for them who is vegetarian. When you finish the lunch you will be able to do what you want, swim, just relax looking beautiful nature or something else and when time pass you will move to Zoo and Manavgat Waterfall. Both of them need an extra cost but you will be amazed by this natural beauty and when tour ends you wouldn’t worry about that money, because this trip will last long in your memory.

Your Heart Will Beat Fast

Join Buggy Safari

Side Buggy Safari is for them who wants to make their excursion unforgettable and is seeking for adventure. This tour gets you chance to drive a buggy car on hills, where is muddy and wet trails. This buggy cars is specially designed and it’s safe, so when you arrive at point of start instructors will explain you how to use equipment and how to ride this car, no license needed, then you will get a 20 minute test drive, after that starts real adventure. During this fun adventure if you need something there is team of experts and they will help you, while you were driving on muddy and wet paths. This driving will last for 2 hours and you will challenge yourself in off-road driving skills and when this ends you will be taken from this place in hotel by comfortable vehicles.

Nothing lasts forever

Quad Biking in Nature

Side Quad Safari Tour is for them who wants to ride Quad bike in peaceful natural landscape, where is rough, dusty and muddy trails. If you don’t know how to ride don’t worry, instructors will explain you everything what you need for this tour and will care of your safety. When instructors ends their explanation you will start your adventure! You will ride about 2 hours and instructors will be with you for safety and for helping you in something if you need it. During this tour you can breathe fresh air and look around, how amazing and beautiful forest is there. By the end of tour driver will come with you and take by comfortable vehicle in hotel.

Side city is very good place for them who is seeking for adventure and wants to make their holiday better. Our company offers you some tours and with them this will be come true, so only thing you need to do for making better holiday is that you should contact us.

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